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28th Judicial Circuit Juvenile Officer

Barton - Cedar - Dade - Vernon

Jeremy Ruddick



Meet Jeremy Ruddick

Jeremy Ruddick graduated in May 2010 from Missouri Southern State University with a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice Administration and Associates of Law Enforcement.  He has worked with the Juvenile Office for the prior 6 years as a contracted probation tracker since August 2008.  In September 2010 Jeremy accepted a position with The Department of Social Services - Division of Youth Services as a community tracker/mentor.  In June 2014 he accepted the position as a Juvenile Officer and serves the counties of Barton, Cedar, Dade and Vernon.

Jeremy welcomes all visitors and phone calls.  You may reach him as the Cedar County Juvenile Officer (2nd Floor) or call at 417.276.6700 Ext.252.

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