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Cedar County Coroner

Nora Powell


What are the Duties of the County Coroner?

Deaths pertaining to:

  • Homicide
  • Suicide
  • Accidental
  • Criminal Abortions (including those self-induced)
  • Unforeseen Sudden Occurrence (not seen by physician 36 hours preceding death)
  • Custody Deaths (while in custody of law enforcement)
  • Penal Deaths (lethal injection / legal execution)
  • Child Deaths (under age of 18)
  • Unusual or Suspicious Manner Deaths
  • Occur in Non-licensed Health Care Facilities (hospice type)
  • Occur in Licensed Health Care Facilities (nursing home/residential care)


Other Duties:

  • To be Conservator of Peace (throughout his or her county)
  • To Execute Process When Sheriff Disqualified (when sheriff is a party/involved)
  • To Perform Duties of Sheriff When Office is Vacant (by death or otherwise)
  • To Hold Coroner's Inquest/Coroner's Jury
  • To Issue Warrant to Summon Coroner's Jury (coroner inquest)
  • Coroner to Administer Oath to Jurors
  • Coroner to Issue Subpoenas (witnesses)
  • Order Postmortem Examination (autopsy)
  • Certify Cause and Manner of Death (death certificate)
  • Order Blood Sample Test for Alcohol & Drug Content (all motor vehicle fatalities)
  • Report Toxicology results in writing to Missouri State Highway Patrol
  • Procure Organ Donations (procurement of cadaver organ and tissue donation)
  • Prepare a Budget for Income and Expenditures



List courtesy of the Missouri Coroners' and Medical Examiners' Association



Nora Powell
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Frank Brumfield, Assistant Coroner


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